ZEISS On Your Campus Truck: experience 3D scanning

The ZEISS On Your Campus Truck is currently traveling through Germany again, stopping in 16 different cities. We give you exclusive insights into the event here. You even still got the chance to register and experience first hand.

First hand 3D scanning

We offer individual hands-on sessions at our optical metrology stations. Test the functionalities and discuss your individual challenges with our experts. Following topics are are represented at you campus:

  • Hands-on experiences with the T-SCAN hawk.
  • Software solutions from scan to CAD.
  • Expert hacks for individual challenges.
  • Exchange with the #HandsOnMetrology community to learn and inspire

From data management to global collaboration, from applicative design to data analysis, you will get answers to your needs. Manage your data and add context to your results.


Where we are heading next:

13. – 14.10. Bayreuth​
20. – 21.10. Ulm​
24. – 25.10. Tuttlingen​
27. – 28.10. Karlsruhe​
03. – 04.11. Erlangen​

07. – 08.11. Dresden​
10. – 11.11. Leipzig​
14. – 15.11. Berlin​
17. – 18.11. Hannover
21. – 22.11. Braunschweig​

Visit the ZEISS On Your Campus Truck

Want to know more about #zeissonyourcampus? Have a look at the ZEISS website and register now!

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