How do you win an IndyCar race with 3D scan technology?

As a successful participant of IndyCar races, RLL Racing constantly further developes their racing cars.
Two motorsport experts on how ZEISS 3D scanning solutions support the adjustments and thus increase the chance of victory.

Fraunhofer: From research to development with 3D metrology

If you are daydreaming about building a robot that takes care of all your daily needs, you might want to get in touch with some of the folks at the Fraunhofer Society. Founded in Germany in 1949, this powerhouse of an organization is known around the world for applied research and innovation. How 3D scanning solutions aid their unique projects, you can read here!

Aviation insights come in 3D

Listening to our partners in aircraft, there’s a lot to discover: From the surprising beauty of detecting and repairing dents, bulges and wrinkles, to the fact that, when it comes to the creativity and passion involved in restoration, not even the sky is the limit.

Automated inspection of welds

The new weld check package in GOM Inspect Pro ensures automated and standardized inspections of welds. Together with the T-SCAN, selected scan data can be evaluated with maximum comfort.

We Scan Around The World with our network of 3D metrology partners

More than 60 partners worldwide support our customers in setting new standards in 3D metrology everyday – and the global community is constantly growing. For our Scan Around The World challenge, they took us to local sights and helped us to explore country-specific items with our 3D scanning technologies.

Part of ZEISS Precise Magazine

Get into the nitty gritty of 3D scanning. The annual issue of the magazine highlights the recent innovations in the area of industrial quality solutions.