One-Minute Insights into 3D scanning

One-Minute Insights are here to make your 3D scanning life easier. In short videos we present useful hacks for your everyday inspection business. Let us give you a quick overview of the newest One Minute Insights - helping you to enhance 3D scanning and inspection with a few little tricks.

One scan is all you need for precision

More is always better? That common misconception makes the 3D scanning process more complicated that it has to be. Let Marco demonstrate how accurate your scan data gets with only one scan:

Visualize 3D deviation using isolines

Did you know: Deviations from the nominal model can become visable directly on your part using isolines. In this case, surface comparison in GOM Inspect and your 3D scanning system are the road to success. 
Learn more here:

Find the best position for your reference points

Be more efficient when doing 3D inspection!
By smartly positioning reference point markers, you not only save a lot of time but also receive more accurate scanning results. 
Click play for a simple placement guideline:

More One-Minute Insights

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