3D scanning for innovative plastic parts

Plastic manufacturer Atka about its revolutionary beer keg caps.

At Atka everything revolves around plastic parts. No matter which industry or how many pieces sold, quality always has been a top priority since the foundation in 1981.

But how caps for beer kegs became a real bestseller for the family business, you can find out here!

Quality beer through quality 3D metrology solutions

Everyone loves a good beer! However, until now, inadequate cap systems have made it possible to manipulate the quality of the beer after it has been bottled.

Managing director of Atka and beer lover, Gregor Sieve, then developed a closure that avoids a subsequent change in the contents of the barrel.

The trained intuition for customer needs again proved to be a bull’s eye:

After selling his first machine to a brewery in Bremen, Germany, the order intake increased steadily. Since then, a number of companies have been using the quality caps.

“[…] today we supply such machines to the large breweries in almost all countries of the world.”


How comes 3D metrology into use?

With a larger customer base comes the increasing responsibility to always deliver consistently good quality. Atka’s complex measurement and inspection tasks can be handled with the ATOS Q optical measurement system. Due to its flexible use, quality information is collected quickly, easily and precisely. Possible quality defects are detected by the ATOS technology used here.

“If we don’t […] have these things in the company, we really have problems building good tools permanently.”


Tinkering, crafting, constantly developing – these are important characteristics that help the family-run company to always be ahead of the game.


Want to know more about 3D metrology at Atka?

Watch the full Maker Portrait here and get to see real quality work happen!

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